Climate change Deniers. Denying the truth of climate change.

There is an industry around Climate change denial. It is a well funded campaign. Many seem to have been duped by it such as former environmental hero David Bellamy As environmentalists we are used to developers making suspect environmental claims. Years of campaigning against Opencast mining and the  ecological and restoration claims of companies like Celtic Energy show that, in general, suspicious claims mad by all kinds of industries in all kinds of areas by  not well supported by the science are common.

A number of industrial interests have been involved in denying climage change, mainly in the USA, but the poison has spread world wide. The US coal industry and the oil industry are obvious candidates but it has also involved the tobacco industry. It seems that the tobacco barons of the USA have seen a link between wanting to look after your environmental health and wanting to look after your personal health and decided environmentalism was not good for business.

The Royal Society, the UK's premier scientific body wrote to the oil company ExxonMobil in September 2006 expressing concern that some of its corporate publications were presenting a misleading view of the scientific evidence and that they were placing an undue emphasis on the un certainties. The Royal Society had concerns about the lobby groups that the company was funding and their activities. The Competitive Enterprise Institute for example had been producing and broadcasting television advertising in the United States on the subject of glacial retreat with a pronounced anti-environmental slant. They featured the outrageous slogan “CO2- They call it pollution, we call it life.”

Biased propaganda and advertising like this has had the dangerous effect of encouraging disbelief amongst the American public and promoting inaction. Considering that the problem is one of the most serious currently affecting humanity this is unacceptable behaviour. No sensible person would advocate that their free speech be curtailed but in a modern society where access to the media can depend on your finances this can cause problems where the greedy are prepared to use underhand methods to influence public perceptions to the ultimate detriment of humanity.

The clip below comes from BBC Newsnight at that time and it features a special report by George Monbiot exposing the scandal of industry sponsored propaganda. There is also a video on this page where a famous scientist explains how he has been misrepresented.

Sir John Houghton Famous Climate Scientist.

In addition we have created a series of pages debunking some common claims

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