Clean Coal A Dirty Joke

There is much talk in the media recently about the notion of “clean coal”. This is an obvious oxymoron. Even with removal and storage of CO2 coal is still a filthy fuel. It is filthy because of the destruction and misery  caused by opencast mining

This method of coal extraction is profoundly antisocial in nature. It permanently destroys habitats and the claims of restoration misinform decision makers like council planners making it difficult to defend other sites.

Then there is the misery it causes to local residents. It blights an area , devaluing houses and discouraging investment. Pollution from the site including enormous machinery bigger than a house has been linked to health problems such as asthma.

Swansea FoE has been involved for many years countering the opencast mining industry with companies like Celtic Energy and others making dubious claims of how nice their industry actually is. The reality is rather different and this little video sums it up beautifully. Click the video once to play it.




Swansea Friends of the Earth