Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Biodiversity and ecosystem services has been a major area of campaigning by Swansea Friends of the Earth over the years. It is the variety of living organisms and the fundamental life-support services provided by natural ecosystems, without which human civilization would cease to thrive.

Our group has been heavily involved in campaigning to save important wildlife sites such as Crymlyn Bog, Pant y Sais Fen , Coed Gellideg, and the Selar Farm SSSI and it overlaps with our combating of the Opencast Mining activities of companies like Celtic Energy and Miller Argent. We have also been involved in FoE's rainforest campaigns. and have done some work on combating the hysteria over ragwort an important plant The word biodiversity was first used in print by the famous Harvard Professor E.O. Wilson in 1988 and represents the diversity of all life on earth.

Biodiversity in the UK is under threat. We have lost 95 percent of our lowland peat bogs and 97 per cent of our flower rich meadows since the end of the Second World War. The number of larger moths in Britain has decreased by thirty two per cent since 1968. and in southern areas of Britain to the south of York it is even worse with a decrease in larger moth numbers of forty four per cent.

It regard to our native wildlife we live in a darkening room and our eyes are become increasingly used to it. We are forgetting the light and life of our biodiversity. The brightly coloured flower filled fields of the past are increasingly rare. Perhaps we should follow the advice of the Swansea born Poet Dylan Thomas and “Rage Rage against the dying of the light.”

Swansea Friends of the Earth